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La Rioja Tours and Wine Tours by car, Spain | Abalons Taxi

Our business is located in a small town named Hormilleja, in the region of La Rioja (Spain). This is a renown wine region, under the Rioja Protected Denomination of Origin, but also a region of historical interest.

This service has been created to help you to discover La Rioja through our eyes. We will take you by car to fantastic itineraries to enjoy Rioja at your own pace with transportation included  by private taxi.

Assisting you in the coordination of all your Rioja Tours and Wine Tours, driving you between different spots on your route. This car service has been designed to drive our customers from one place to another and let them enjoy visiting excellent wineries, tasting quality wines, delicious local gastronomy, and stunning vineyard landscapes… releasing them from the worries of transport.

If you are interested in getting to know the culture and lifestyle in our  Rioja region, we will ensure that every tourist professional involved in this experience provides you with a personal attention. We would be glad to pass on our regional culture and traditions and share this journey with you. We would like to be in your pictures!

We want to distinguish our services and make something special, customizing them and paying you all the attention you require.

Our logo (“Where to?”) stands for “Where do you want to go?” and defines our ultimate goal.

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